Since the very beginning, sustainability has been at the heart of Pana Organic. Our philosophy of “Love your insides. Love the earth” is about creating nourishing, plant-based, organic products whilst respecting our planet. From our ingredients to our packaging, we are constantly evolving our business to maintain delicious quality and reduce environmental impact, at all costs.


Our focus with packaging is to balance food safety requirements with the most environmentally sound options, always.

Our chocolate bars are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard and printed with non-toxic, vegetable inks. Our spread lids and jars are 100% recyclable and a great size for re-using in your own kitchen - try shaking up a salad dressing or storing seeds, nuts and spices in them.

Our bulk delivery packaging is repurposed within our own operations.

And we're not stopping there. Our team is constantly working with our suppliers to find better solutions for every element of our packaging. Our foil wraps are next on the agenda.


Our delicious products are plant based, vegan and certified organic to live up to our mantra of 'Love your insides. Love the earth.'

Why Organic?

Organic ingredients are farmed without the use of manufactured chemical fertilisers and pesticides. So, choosing organic is not only better for your insides, but it also minimises the risk of environmental pollution for local flora, fauna and waterways, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a much healthier, more sustainable way of farming.

Why Vegan?

There are many great reasons to choose vegan. Producing plant-based products is significantly better for the environment than animal and dairy farming, requiring less destruction and clearing of forests, water and energy usage Plant-based ingredients are more plentiful, so more people can access them, and there is no harm or suffering caused to animals.

Ingredient Sourcing

We truly care about where our food comes from and are committed to using the best quality ingredients Mother Nature can provide. While some of our ingredients are not available locally in the quantities we require from Organic producers, where possible we work with local suppliers.


Pana Organic was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2012 and this is where our HQ is based.

In 2022 we began an exciting new chapter, setting up a UK based production facility to ensure our UK & European customers can continue to access our delicious products.

Over the years we have learn't it's the sum of little things that can make a big difference. Our team and local communities mean everything to us, and we love showing our support where we can.

Our Initiatives

We still make and wrap our 45g chocolate bars by hand with love here in Dorset and Melbourne.

The teams at Pana Organic HQ and UK have eliminated single use coffee cups.

Our Australian chocolate factory has 152 solar panels on its roof, contributing a monthly average of 15% green energy to our operations.

Our give-back program has planted over 55,000 trees & counting in Australia. We're excited to start our tree-planting initiatives here in the UK in 2023.

  • 45g Bars

    These boxes are made from 100% post-consumer fibre. Please recycle. Please dispose of foil wrap in the general waste bins.

  • 80g Bars

    These boxes are made from 100% post-consumer fibre. Please recycle. Please return the plastic wrap to your local soft-plastic collection point. 

  • 200g Spreads

    Please remove the label and return it to your local soft-plastic collection point. The glass jar and lid can be reused at home or recycled.

  • 100% Cacao Powder

    The cardboard box can be recycled. Please return the inner bag to your local soft-plastic collection point.

  • Bake Chocolate Pieces

    Please return the plastic bag to your local soft-plastic collection point.


How we're creating a better future


    Our 45g and 80g chocolate packaging is now made from 100% recycled paper. While it may not look quite as pretty, we are committed to looking after our planet at all costs.


    All our products are certified vegan and organic. This means our products are not only good for you, but respectful of the planet.


    The roof of our Melbourne chocolate factory is covered in 152 solar panels, which contributes a monthly average of 15% green energy to our operations.


    Pana Organic was born in Melbourne and has now opened a UK production facility.

    Each facility sources local ingredients and packaging where possible.


    We care deeply about the impact we have on our beautiful planet, which is why we plant thousands of trees every year as part of our give back scheme. We have planted over 55,000 trees and counting.

We believe that every decision we make and action we take is intrinsically tied to our impact on the planet. The way we eat is no exception.

Interestingly the world is going through waves and trends but being vegan and organic is different for me. Ensuring our products are plant-based and originating from responsible sources is not a fad, it is who we are, it is what are products are and have proudly been since 2012.

We only source the finest quality, organic ingredients to ensure that our customers are eating nourishing foods that benefit their health without hurting the planet.

By ensuring our products meet these stringent guidelines we can continue to create authentic products to be enjoyed by the entire Pana Organic community.